Launching exit checklists for graduates

2 June 2022

From June 2, exit checklists are available for students who have successfully completed their Bachelor's, Master's, and Specialist's studies at ITMO University in 2021.

The approval of the exit checklist is obtained remotely and can be monitored at / Сервисы / Обходной лист or ISU / Личный кабинет / Административные сервисы / Обходной лист.

You must also:

  1. update your contact information;
  2. fill out the graduate questionnaire.

Next to each subsection, one of several status indicators will be shown:

  • "Approved" – shown in green, indicates that you have fulfilled all responsibilities before the corresponding department.
  • "Not approved" – shown in yellow, will include a reason for the denial. You’ll need to fulfill all responsibilities before the corresponding department before the status can be changed.
  • "Pending" – indicates that this subsection is currently being reviewed by a staff member.
Please note! If the accounting department doesn't confirm the "scholarship deposit" on your exit checklist, please send to the card requisites of the bank "Saint Petersburg" payment system MIR. Please note in the letter "Scholarship and your surname" in the subject line. The exit checklist will not be agreed until you have sent the requisites.
As soon as the exit checklist is fully agreed, you will receive a notification by e-mail.

Student Services Office: