National creative contest Tvoy Khod (Your Move)

The national contest Tvoy Khod is designed to help young people with different interests spend the most productive and efficient time together. Organizers of the contest describe it as a space where your time turns into benefits for yourself, your friends and family, your university, city, and even the whole country.

Tvoy Khod is not just a contest. You will also receive training, as well as take part in internships and other activities that’ll help boost your CV. Those wishing to take part in the contest have to choose one of the tracks depending on the status of your project. And this opportunity is the contest’s distinctive feature: normally, you can only submit a fully developed project for a grant competition.

The contest’s first track, Defining, will be interesting for those who are only looking for project ideas. As a result, such participants will create detailed applications for the implementation of their projects. The second track, Doing, is for those whose projects are already operating. Winners in each track will be awarded prizes. The main prize – 1 million rubles to develop their project – will go to the team that wins in the second track. There are also special prizes for the top 50 teams.

Who can participate:

  1. students of all levels, apart from PhD and second-year Master’s students;
  2. secondary vocational education students in the final year of their studies;
  3. 11th-grade school students.

Sign up for the Tvoy Khod platform (in Russian) to participate. Select your desired track in the Contest section of the website and fill in your application.

You can read more about the contest on its official website (in Russian).