Starting your club

A student club is a community of ITMO.FAMILY members in which everyone enjoys something they love among like-minded peers.

Each club’s activities can be placed in one or several of the following fields:

  • students’ rights, student governance;
  • culture, art, creativity;
  • entrepreneurship, business, career;
  • science, innovations;
  • sports, healthy living, tourism;
  • volunteering, social projects;
  • media;
  • professional development;
  • student brigades;
  • international partnerships;
  • patriotic education, intercultural communication.

Regulations on student clubs at ITMO University (in Russian).

How do I start a club?

Outline your club’s aims and goals

  • Its activities should be:
    • Interesting to you;
    • Beneficial to society;
    • Viable and feasible.
  • Answer the following questions to clarify its aims:
    • What is the club for?
    • What benefit/results does it bring?
    • Who do its activities benefit?

Form your team

When applying to create a club, your team should include no less than 3 individuals, all of them members of ITMO.FAMILY (applicants, students, staff members, alumni, or ITMO partners). Only an ITMO University student can be appointed the head of a club.

Apply to create a club and pass the approval process

  • Log into ISU;
  • Go to Структура Университета (University Structure) => ITMO.STUDENTS;
  • Click on Создать студенческий клуб (Create student club) in the top right corner;
  • Fill in the application form, including:
    • Full and short name of your club;
    • Its field of activity;
    • Description;
    • Form of membership (open, by approval, private);
    • Your club’s online pages;
    • List of members;
    • Contact info.
  • Send the application.

After sending the application, the texts will be checked by the editor and the moderator will enter the club card into the ISU system. The verification process may be accompanied by clarifying questions: you will be contacted if necessary. Applicants are required to provide answers to clarifying questions.

Club is approved

After your application is approved by the moderator and editor, the club will appear in the ISU system and then on the ITMO.STUDENTS website.

In the section Activities of clubs you will find all the necessary information on the conduct of club activities. Pay special attention to the instructions for clubs: they describe the process of using the Events application in ISU, the procedure for requests for media, for adding members to the club, booking rooms, and others.

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