National festival Russian Student Spring

Russian Student Spring is one of the largest support initiatives for creative students. The project launched in 1992 and these days has a multilayered structure, offering numerous opportunities for its young participants. Major events and contests are held annually as part of the festival (you can find the full list of events in Russian here).

The program was established by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, the Ministry of Culture, and the Russian Union of Youth.


Participants can submit applications in a multitude of creative fields and nominations:

  1. Singing
    • Folk songs (incl. vocal and instrumental ensembles): traditional and stylized folk songs
    • Academic singing: classical music, songs with academic vocals
    • Pop songs (incl. vocal and instrumental ensembles): Russian and international compositions
    • Jazz songs (incl. vocal and instrumental ensembles)
    • Bard songs (incl. vocal and instrumental ensembles)
    • Rap
    • Beatboxing
  2. Instrumental
    • Folk
    • Strings
    • Keyboard
    • Brass
    • Percussion
    • Mixed ensembles
    • Electronic music and DJing
  3. Dance
    • Folk
    • Pop (incl. stylized folk dance)
    • Contemporary
    • Street
    • Hip hop
    • Break dance
    • Competitive ballroom dancing
    • Cheer dance show
  4. Drama
    • Spoekn word
    • Vaudeville monologue
    • Vaudeville skit
    • Variety show: drama, physical theater, musical theater, experiment
  5. Specialty genre
    • Circus art: acrobatics, gymnastics, balancing act, juggling, clowning
    • Original performance
    • Pantomime
    • Illusion
    • Multigenre performance
    • Performance art show
  6. Fashion
    • Ready-to-wear and sports fashion
    • Ethnic fashion
    • Alternative and urban fashion
    • Evening wear
  7. Journalism
    • Video reports
    • Articles
    • Photo reports
    • Podcasts
    • Social media (VK, TikTok)
  8. Video
    • Music videos
    • Comedy skits
    • Short films
    • City-branding
    • Promotional videos
  9. Art
    • Street art
    • Graphic design

The contest has both individual and team nominations.

Who can participate: students of higher and secondary vocational education institutions aged 16-35.

How to participate

  • Fill in this form (in Russian). If you are applying for several nominations, you will have to fill in the form separately for each nomination;
  • Reach out to Nikolay Grazhdanov, ITMO's representative in the festival;
  • Together, complete an application from ITMO University.

Nikolay provides organizational support and consultations to participants from ITMO University.

Contest timeline

  • Application period: March 14 - April 3, 2022.
  • Approved participants will be announced before 20 April, 2022.
  • After the selection round,the participants will be sorted into delegations from St. Petersburg who will take part in Student Spring.
  • St. Petersburg will host the festival’s gala concert on May 20, 2022.

Contact us

If you have any questions about the contest, you can reach out to Nikolay Grazhdanov, the deputy director of the Creative and Corporate Projects Planning Center