Student clubs

About student clubs

By joining or starting a student club, you get the opportunity to holistically develop your soft and hard skills, as well as unleash your intellectual, creative, and sports potential. Moreover, it is your chance to grow in your field and be surrounded with like-minded people, while also being eligible for the university’s support in terms of information and other resources.

One core feature of the student club system is freedom: students get to define what, when, and how their club is going to do. You can hold regular club meetings at ITMO or even expand your activities beyond the university. For instance, many of our student clubs grow into startups or reputable event brands. Moreover, clubs can collaborate with each other or even reach out to major companies. Being part of a student club provides you with experience, unique skills, a team, and a professional network, which make members of ITMO’s student club different from all other students in the country.

Fields of activity

Each club’s activities can be placed in one or several of the following fields:

  • students’ rights, student governance;
  • culture, art, creativity;
  • entrepreneurship, business, career;
  • science, innovations;
  • sports, healthy living, tourism;
  • volunteering, social projects;
  • media;
  • professional development;
  • student brigades;
  • international collaboration and intercultural communication.

List of student clubs

ITMO boasts over 100 active clubs – you will definitely find one to suit your taste!

Starting your club

Here are the steps you need to follow to start your very own student club.

Running your club

Want to manage your club in ISU, book rooms for events, get media coverage for your event, or apply for other support from ITMO? Follow the link below to find out how.