KronBars student sports club

KronBars is ITMO University’s sports club and home to all sports enthusiasts. The club includes various sports sections and select teams; it also organizes sporting festivals and tournaments.

Here, there are no boring PE classes: KronBars includes 80 clubs in 50 sports – you can choose the one you like, attend training sessions, and get your grade at the end of the semester. Learn more about sports clubs here (in Russian).

All classes are divided into four levels:

  • Flexible attendance – beginner-friendly classes, including yoga, fitness, team sports, and many other activities. Boost your fitness level at a comfortable pace;
  • Beginner level – these are classes open to all students regardless of their sports proficiency. Start learning basketball from scratch or take a shot at fencing or floorball – and much more;
  • Intermediate level – this is for those who wish to improve their sports skills and have already practiced their chosen sport before. This level can be your springboard to the reserve line-up of ITMO’s select teams;
  • Select (representative) teams – this option is for those who practiced their chosen sport at school, have an excellent fitness level, and are ready to undergo the selection process to the university’s varsity teams.

Sports scholarships

ITMO University supports applicants with achievements in sports and students who successfully represent the university in tournaments.

Thanks to the KRONBARS.STARS competition, students get the opportunity to study at a leading university and continue their career in sports by joining the university’s teams. Winners of the competition can study in any Bachelor’s program of their choice without paying tuition.

ITMO University also implements a special program that supports applying athletes and esports athletes: first-years who win the portfolio contest receive a 10,000 rubles in monthly stipend.

Every year, students can also participate in the competition for an enhanced stipend for their achievements in sports. Starting from their second year and given a good academic performance, students can participate in the competition to get a stipend between 2,000 and 27,000 rubles.

For athletes in extreme sports, there is a separate initiative called KRONBARS ATHLETES.

And with the KRONBARS MASTERS program, Bachelor’s graduates can continue their career in a leading Russian university.

Kronbars Games

Every year, the club organizes the interfaculty sports competition Kronbars Games. From October to May, you can take part in contests in over 20 sports: from powerlifting to indoor rowing, from swimming to esports. Each contest is open to anyone – no need to be a pro to try yourself out!

Club mascot: Tim the snow leopard

Tim takes part in all club events and supports the university teams during at-home games. He is the leader of the club, who helps our athletes overcome challenges and strive for new heights, winning gold and fighting till the end.

The club’s achievements

Our varsity teams boast some of the strongest athletes: they are winners of major tournaments in the city, region, and even nation-wide.

Do you want to become the best you with KronBars? Join us now! We are looking for sports managers, organizers, journalists, photographers, and videographers to join the best student sports club in Russia. If you are passionate about sports and are full of ideas you’d like to realize, email us at