KronBars Athletics

This is ITMO University. There are no boring PE classes you need to muster all your willpower to drag yourself from your couch for to make the grade. What we have instead is ‘KronBars’, a fun and welcoming student sports club offering more than 80 kinds of sports for you to enjoy. From basketball and volleyball to rock-climbing, wrestling, and fencing, everyone is bound to find something that suits their taste.

All classes are divided into three levels:

  • Beginner level
    These are classes open to all students regardless of their sports proficiency. Start learning basketball from scratch or take a shot at fencing or floorball - we’ll help you reach your full sport’s potential. All classes are held in the daytime.
  • Intermediate level
    Intermediate level classes are available for a wide range of sports and imply regular and ongoing training. You’ll need to have a good fitness level and know basic rules of your chosen sport in order to be admitted. This level can be your springboard to the university sport teams reserve. Classes take place in the evenings and on the weekends.
  • Professional level
    The most able, experienced, and athletic are welcome to join the professional level classes where they will train to defend the university’s honor as part of university team on national and international sports competitions. You’ll need to have an excellent fitness level, undergo the selection process, be prepared for regular and rigorous training, and show a willingness to always do your best in order to be admitted. Tryouts take place in September-October time.


Just follow these five easy steps:

  • log in to the ISU Intranet system;
  • click on Physical Education and Sports;
  • choose the 'Class Schedule' tab;
  • choose where to take your P.E. classes;
  • choose (no more than two) days and times when you’d like to have classes.

Enrollment to all classes starts on September 1. Don’t forget to do a health check-up and get a medical permission for doing sports prior to enrolling.

But ITMO University’s KronBars doesn’t just mean dozens of cool sports classes; it is also St. Petersburg’s best-known student sports club. Our team of sports managers, journalists, photographers and student enthusiasts are hard at work developing student sports and forming better conditions for athletes and everyone who likes sports.

By joining KronBars, you’ll not only become a part of a friendly and open community of like-minded sports enthusiasts but also get an exclusive club card, which gives you the opportunity to:

  • represent the university as part of its many sports teams: ultimate frisbee, basketball, volleyball, handball, fussball, swimming, rugby, football, hockey, gymnastics, cheerleading, and others;
  • take part in the university and city-wide, national and international competitions and festivals;
  • attend various sports classes, including boxing, badminton, biking, armwrestling, darts, billiards, skiing, rowing, karate, crossfit, track and field, table tennis, powerlifting, rock climbing, orienteering, hiking, fitness, chess, checkers and many others;
  • participate in the fun KronBars members-only events;
  • get free tickets to the Zenit basketball and football and SKA hockey teams’ games;
  • get discounts in the KronBars own shop and its many partner stores.

To become a member of the KronBars student sports club, fill out a form on, pick up your member’s card, and start enjoying all the perks it gives.

Got any questions?