Moving into a dormitory

The procedure

Your personal applicant’s page

When filling in your registration form, you need to put a tick next to “I need a dorm and temporary registration for the period of my studies”. 

Providing medical documents

In your personal applicant’s page, you need to attach scanned copies of the following documents: 

  • Form 086/y certificate;
  • Medical assessment of a chest X-ray performed in Russia (in case it is not included in your form 086/y certificate), not older than 12 months;
  • Vaccination certificate;

You will also need to provide two copies of the 086/y certificate to the sports medicine specialist in the beginning of September (for your Physical Education classes). 

Signing up to ISU

Within 2 weeks after your order of admission to ITMO is issued, instructions on how to sign up to the ITMO.ID will be sent to the email address listed in your personal applicant’s page. The sign-up process is obligatory for all students.

The Dormitory application in ISU

After signing up to ISU, applicants and students gain access to the Dormitory application. To find it, you can: 

  • Use the direct link;
  • Log into your personal ISU page. In the menu on your left, select “My page” -> “Dormitory”. 
  • During the academic year, you can submit a maximum of 2 applications.

Book a digital appointment to move in

Every student with a guaranteed place in one of the university’s dormitories must book the date and time when they would like to move in. Students will be notified by email when this feature becomes available, and the date and time of move-in during the first wave will need to be booked within 48 hours after the student is assigned to a dorm. The date and the time are selected from the options offered in the ISU.

Attention: you cannot choose the dorm you will be assigned to. 

Housing is not taxed for parents and other representatives of students.


Moving in

In late August, the moving-in process will start in accordance with the Order of precedence of providing accommodation. 

To move into an ITMO University dormitory, you need: 

  1. Your passport and a copy of it.
  2. Notarized parental consent in accordance with form 1 (in case the applicant is below 18).
  3. Two 3x4 cm photos.
  4. The certificat of vaccination. 

In order to verify your dormitory address and move-in date as an international student, you will need to:

  • no later than ten days before entering Russia: write to the International Students Learning and Support Center at and Migration Services Office at with your planned date and time of arrival and border crossing point;
  • await the reply with details on entering the country;
  • no earlier than three days before entering Russia: take a COVID-19 PCR test;
  • provide a negative PCR test in Russian or English at the border crossing point and upon arrival to the dormitory.

You have to get your migration registration at ITMO’s Migration Services Office on the day of your move-in or the next working day (excluding weekends and holidays).

To get your migration registration, you will need the following documents:

  • your passport (or any other ID that you used to enter the country);
  • your current migration registration (if applicable);
  • your migration card with an official stamp indicating that you’ve crossed the Russian border.

You can find the Migration Services Office at Lomonosova St. 9, room 2139d

+7 (812) 607-04-60

Important information for students waiting to be assigned in a dormitory

Before assignation to a dormitory students have to find a temporary residence in St. Petersburg on their own and keep tracking their place in the queue on their personal ISU page until their status changes to “place assigned”.

Additional Information

Contact info for Student Services Office:

Olesya Repnitskaya

Lead Manager of the Student Services Office

+7 (812) 607-04-74 (3)