Corporate Email and Free Software

ITMO students can communicate with the university’s departments and request various services using the university’s communication tools and the my.itmo app.

Where to start?

You will receive an email with login details that can be used for all ITMO services. The email will come to the address that you used when applying to ITMO.

Corporate services at ITMO


What you can find on ISU:

  • Everything that’s happening at ITMO – news, events, competitions and much more.
  • Information about the educational process – educational programs, curricula, class, consultation or exam schedules, study groups.
  • Recent achievements of your professors and fellow students.
  • ITMO’s research activities – publications, IPs and projects.

On your personal ISU page you can:

  • order official documents; apply for academic leave,
  • transfer, expulsion, or readmission;
  • sign up for a consultation at the Student Services Office;
  • contact your lecturers and fellow students;
  • apply for numerous competitions, such as scholarships or grants;
  • see your personal class schedule, book appointments with your lecturers and monitor those outstanding grades you’re bound to get;
  • learn all about ITMO.STUDENTS and other student clubs. You can even file an application to start your very own club!
  • keep your CV up to date with information about your achievements, awards, projects and publications;
  • get notified about your stipend payments and the status of your contract.

Useful links:

Currently, on you can choose your individual learning track, as well as check your class schedules, digital gradebook, and your assigned stipend. As the service grows, other functions will be added to make more academic processes digital.

Log in here (using your ITMO ID login details);

You can also leave your feedback and suggestions about the service here

The my.itmo app

In the app, you can check your grades in the Gradebook (Зачетка) tab, stay on top of your schedule in Class schedules (Расписание), access your entry pass in the Services (Сервисы) tab, and do many more handy things.

There, you can also provide your feedback and suggestions on the app.

You can download the free app from App Store and Google Play.

The app

Never get lost on ITMO’s Kronverksky or Lomonosova campuses again with this handy app!

Bonus feature: the map shows both old and new room numbers for the Kronverksky campus.

You can download for free on App Store and Google Play.


With this service, you can print 50 pages for free each semester.

In order to print any document or paper, just:

  1. Open this Telegram bot;
  2. Log in with your ITMO ID;
  3. Choose the printing location*;
  4. Send your document as a .pdf file;
  5. Go pick up your printed pages.

The service works Mon-Fri 9 am to 10 pm.



ITMO.SHARE is a free laptop and tablet lending service.

ITMO students and staff can borrow any available device for a period of 1 to 4 hours for use in their work and studies.

We offer:

  • Apple and Lenovo laptops;
  • Apple and Samsung tablets.

The service is available on Kronverksky Pr. and Lomonosova St. campuses. To rent a device, go to ISU / Личный кабинет / Электронные заявки / Другое / ITMO.SHARE or in the my.itmo app go to / Сервисы (Services) / Заявки (Applications) / Другое (Other) / Заявление на предоставление техники ITMO.SHARE (Apply for a rented device with ITMO.SHARE).

Partner services


Yandex 360 – all ITMO students can create a corporate Yandex account on or in ISU (Полезные ссылки / Яндекс 360). This will allow you to access your personal 1 Tb of cloud storage for any files you want to keep or share with fellow students. There, you can also create an corporate email.

If you have any questions about the service, don’t hesitate to email support at


Upon admission to ITMO University every student automatically receives a personal email and a Microsoft Outlook account at This email is considered your academic account and can be used to validate your status as an ITMO University student if needed.

You can find the link to your student mailbox and your username on your personal ISU page (IT сервисы / Microsoft Office).

Any ITMO University student is granted free access to Microsoft Office 365, which includes such study essentials as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Microsoft Teams and others, as well as 1 Tb storage on OneDrive. You can install the package on up to five Windows or Mac OS operated computers, five tablets and five smartphones.

You can learn more about gaining access and installing Office 365 on your personal ISU page (IT сервисы / Microsoft Office).

Other services

GitHub Student Developer Pack – an extensive guide to discounted software and services for STEM students.

Mathworks MATLAB & Simulink – here is the updated guide to getting your free personal license:

  1. Fill out this form, using your ITMO email address (either or in the corresponding field.
  2. Follow the instructions that will be sent to your email.
  3. If you face any issues with the installation or license activation procedure, describe them in an email to and

In order to get the license for a classroom, you need to send an email to stating the following:

  • contact details of classroom administrator;
  • number of licenses needed;
  • classroom location;
  • the university unit responsible for the classroom.

The administrator will receive a detailed email with instructions to their email address included in the application.

Additionally, there have been changes to the installation procedure of additional toolboxes to your existing version of MATLAB or Simulink. Now you will need to start installing the whole software package again and then choose the toolboxes you need as the only components you want to install.

ASCON is a Russian-based company producing software for design and engineering, including Kompas-3D, Vertikal, Renga, and Pilot-ICE. To get access to these programs, just sign up here with your corporate email address.

Ableton – a German-based company specializing in music software, offers a 40% discount for students.

Apple – offers a discounted student subscription to Apple Music and other services that you can access here.