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ITMO.Online program

Documents (in Russian): 

Provision on the ITMO.Online personal scholarship

Regulations for the ITMO.Online program

Participant’s guide for ITMO.Online 

For more information, you can contact:

Ekaterina Dzhavlakh

for application inquiries


Alexandra Gadenova

for MOOC-related inquiries


Open Education Department

Thanks to ITMO University’s digital ecosystem, the future of learning is already here! The environment based on ITMO’s own AcademicNT platform hosts course curriculums as well as online courses, the digital gradebook, and your portfolio – keeping track of your achievements is never a bad thing. We also have online platforms for online lectures and workshops, as well as interactive classes and project activities. 

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The Open Education National Platform 

Thousands of Russian and international students are mastering various disciplines with the help of ITMO University-made courses over at the Open Education portal. The alma mater of the world’s top programmers is happy to share tips and tricks on algorithmic thinking and solutions to the many puzzles of physics and electronics. Each course on the portal is available for free and doesn’t have any specific requirements in terms of prior education. There is also a unique-in-Russia opportunity to receive a certificate of course completion for those Bachelor’s, Specialist or Master’s students wishing to get course credit for their online courses. To get such a certificate, a student needs to pass the tests at the end of the course in controlled conditions and with proof of the student’s identity. 

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