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Conceptual thinking basics (in Russian)

 More information you can find here Основы концептуального мышления


Bysryantseva Natalia

Smilga Ilya

Ponomarev Maxim

Potekhin Andrey

Eliseev Denis

Creative Technologies

The main skill that we are talking about in the course is design thinking. The course is structured around issues related to the urban environment. The city is what connects us, makes it possible to evolve and communicate. The urban environment is always a combination of interconnections, infrastructures, opinions and interests. It seems to us that this is an ideal environment. Working with it will teach you to identify and state research problems and find practical ways to solve them.

During laboratory classes we will learn how to cultivate biomaterials on a small scale. Participants will learn what organic elements are currently used in bioarchitecture practice. The products of laboratory techniques, mycelium bricks, bioplastics and encapsulated algae can be used to represent materials in urban buildings and spaces modeling, solving problems that they previously identified in the city.

In the course you will study the tools for analyzing the modern world and interacting with it in the digital environment, which has already become a big part of it. Together we will use those tools in the real space of the city of St. Petersburg and fill it in the virtual space, combining your imagination, urban environment and technology. We will choose a relevant topic and create group projects that will be included in our joint project - the common digital portal of the city of the future. Еveryone will be a creator, researcher, artist, and together we will change the physical environment around us through the virtual.

Course workload: 4 credits | 144 academic hours

Course language: English

Learning format: Blended learning

Assessment format: Group project

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Fedorova Natalia

Artist and Curator

Luis Sacristan Murga

Architect  - fall 2020 semester

Nosov Andrey


Tolkacheva Anna

Artist and Data Engineer

Rodriguez Laura

Artist and Biotechnologist