Business Project as Thesis

Your first experience as an entrepreneur and project manager can be difficult, and the path to success is rough. But if you have a mentor and the necessary resources, it's much easier to take your first steps in the business world!

In 2019, ITMO University launched the program Business-Thesis: Technological Breakthrough and Global Technology Transfer, which offers all ITMO students the opportunity to develop their own innovative business projects and defend them as theses.

The program is implemented by the staff of the Faculty of Technological Management and Innovations (FTMI).

What you need to submit to defend a  Business Project as Thesis

  1. The text of your graduation thesis in accordance with the requirements of your educational program and on the topic corresponding to your specialization at ITMO;
  2. The presentation of your business project prepared in accordance with the requirements of the Business-Thesis program;
  3. A business project verification document, based on the feedback of mentors, which confirms the feasibility and relevance of your business project.

Contents of the Business Project as Thesis

A major part of your thesis has to correspond to the specifics of your educational program and the relevant professional activity.

Even if you developed the project as part of a team, your thesis should reflect the specifics of your educational program.

The business project team may include: 

  • students of ITMO University 
  • students of other educational institutions, 
  • other competent participants, including employees of Russian and international private and public organizations.

There are additional opportunities for those students who choose to defend their theses as business projects: 

  • putting your skills and competencies into practice;
  • consultations with leading experts in the field of technological entrepreneurship on the subject of your project;
  • networking and the possibility to defend your thesis in a team with students from different fields;
  • packaging the project to attract your first investments;
  • participation in Russian and international startup competitions and acceleration events with support from ITMO’s corporate partners;
  • participation in the intensive educational program for early-stage technology projects Advance Your Business Thesis;
  • launching your own startup.

Application deadline: November 15

Business Project as Thesis timeline

You can learn more about theBusiness-Thesis program in the Regulations on the implementation and defense of business projects (business-theses) at ITMO University, as well as in the following presentation:

How to defend your thesis as a business project and launch a startup ?

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Regulations on the implementation and defense of business projects (business-theses) at ITMO University (in Russian)

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