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No more boring physical education classes. ITMO’s student sports club «KronBars» offers 80 sports clubs in 50 sports. You can practice rowing, basketball, football, volleyball, skiing or sailing, rugby, swimming, fencing, esports, yoga, and other sports! Choose the one you like, attend training sessions at a convenient time, and get points to get your pass in the course. 

At KronBars you can practice sports in three difficulty levels: basic – for beginners, intermediate,with an expanded choice of sports, and professional – for those who are ready to compete as members of an ITMO team. You can find more information in our guide for students (in Russian).


"Physical Education" and "Physical Education (elective discipline)". It takes 6 semesters to complete the course (years 1-3 of your Bachelor’s studies).

To pass your test each semester, you need to earn 100 points. You can get points at sports clubs’ training sessions, as well as for sports achievements and participation in sports competitions and events. You can read more about earning points in our guide for students (in Russian).

Course workload: 2 credits, 400 academic hours 

Language: Russian

Assessment format: pass/fail test

How to sign up for the course

You can find the schedule for Physical Education and Sports classes in the application Physical Education and Sports (Физическая культура и спорт) in ISU.

To sign up for a the basic- level class, you need to:

  1. Open
  2. Open the application Physical Education and Sports (Физическая культура и спорт).
  3. Choose the classes you like (no more than two).
  4. Click "Sign up (Записаться) ".

You can find more detailed instructions on how to sign up here (in Russian).

To sign up for the intermediate and professional level classes, you need to attend an open training session. 

You can find the schedule of open training sessions on KronBars VK page.

Contact us 

Address: 9 Lomonosova Street, room 4401

Phone: +7(812) 480-10-04


KronBars on VK

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