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Course description

University education is meant to not only equip you with professional knowledge but also to foster personal development. “We value individuality, support personal growth and provide opportunities for self-realization and development”, states ITMO’s Road Map. Humanities courses are meant to provide our future professionals with every tool for their intellectual, moral, and creative development. That is why History is one of our core university modules. 

This course: 

  • Shapes historical awareness and moral guidelines;
  • Helps to process regularities in historical development and forecast the future; 
  • Helps find your civic position and fosters respect towards the world’s historical and cultural heritage, its national and cultural diversity;
  • Develops familiarity with the scientific methods of research and systematic approach, as well as critical and design thinking for problem solving. 

Why study History in the first year?

Because the course: 

  • Forms the basis of the scientific worldview needed in the modern world right from the start of your university education;
  • Develops the competencies that will help you analyze socially important processes and apply humanities methods to your social and professional tasks; 
  • Cultivate an emotion- and value-conscious understanding of engineering professions, as well as the way it depends on the social context. 
How to register for the course

You can join a study group via your ISU account on 

We recommend reviewing the course descriptions presented below before reaching a decision. 

Contact us

The course is curated by ITMO University’s Center of Social and Humanities Knowledge


  • 11/2 Tchaikovskogo Street, rooms 409, 420, 421
  • 9 Lomonosova Street, room 1514

You can ask any question concerning the History course by calling:

Galina Zhirkova

Head of the Center of Social and Humanities Knowledge, PhD in Pedagogy.



Russia in the History of Modern International Relations (in Russian)

More information you can find here Россия в истории современных международных отношений


Bogomazov Nikolai

Reforms and Reformers in the History of Russia (in Russian)

More information you can find here Реформы и реформаторы в истории России


Vycherov Dmitry

History of the Formation of the Russian State (in Russain)

More information you can find here История становления российской государственности


Monzhukova Svetlana

History of Western European and Russian Culture (in Russian)

More information you can find here История западноевропейской и русской культуры


Zhirkova Galina

Martynova Daria

Problems of Twentieth-Century European History Course description (in Russian)

More information you can find here Проблемы истории Европы XХ века


Prigodich Nikita

Science and Technology in the History of Civilization (in Russian)

More information you can find here Наука и техника в истории цивилизации


Vasiliev Andrey

Belousov Alexander