Russian History

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Course description

We appreciate individuality, and try to see the unique traits in every person and help them grow and learn through providing opportunities for personal development and fulfilling their potential”, states ITMO’s Roadmap. 

Courses in the humanities are meant to provide our future professionals with every tool for their intellectual, moral, and creative development. That is why History is one of our core university modules. 

Course: History of Russia

Whatever career you choose, historical science will form your moral guidelines. Historical science is not just an impartial description of the past. By studying  history we can get an understanding of the logic of historical development and learn from the experience of the past, which will lay the foundation of the present and the future.

Why study History in the first year?

In the first year, students acquire the basis of fundamental knowledge, the modern scientific worldview and research methods, as well as an appreciation of their future career.

How are the classes organized?

  • 24 lectures: for studying theory, discussing specific problems, and analyzing documents;
  • 24 seminars: for debates, student reports and their discussions, mini-projects, quests, challenges, attending museum expositions;
  • independent work: essays, tests, presentations;
  • historical and cultural practical training;
  • project work;
  • exam: oral exam (interview on exam topics).
How to register for the course

You can join a study group via your ISU account on 

We recommend reviewing the course descriptions presented below before reaching a decision. 

Contact us

The course is curated by Center of Social Sciences and Humanities


  • 11/2 Tchaikovskogo Street, rooms 409, 420, 421
  • 9 Lomonosova Street, room 1514

You can ask any question concerning the History course by calling:


Galina Zhirkova

Head of the Center of Social and Humanities Knowledge, PhD in Pedagogy.



Social History of Russia (in Russian)

More information you can find here Социальная история России


Svetlana Munzhukova

Yulia Kudina

Reforms and Reformers in the History of Russia (in Russian)

More information you can find here Реформы и реформаторы в истории России


Dmitry Vycherov

Maxim Novikov

Russia in the History of Modern International Relations (in Russian)

More information you can find here Россия в истории современных международных отношений


Nikolay Bogomazov

Alexey Pavlovsky

History of Russia and the World in the 20th Century (in Russian)

More information you can find here История России и мира в XX веке


Nikita Prigodich

Tamara Aiba

History of Russian Science and Technology (in Russian)

More information you can find here История Российской науки и техники


Alexander Belousov

Andrew Vasiliev

History of Russian Culture in the Context of World Culture (in Russian)

More information you can find here История русской культура в контексте мировой культуры


Daria Martynov

Ivanna Shcheglova

Galina Zhirkova