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Module description 


The module is aimed at developing students' professional competencies in the field of knowledge-intensive entrepreneurship. In the courses, you will have the opportunity to try your hand at technological entrepreneurship, while creating and developing an interdisciplinary business project together with students of other specializations. Under the guidance of experienced mentors, you will learn how to work in a startup team, create your own business project; develop a business model for the project, apply tools to promote the project; draw up a development strategy and learn how to attract funding for a project in a modern innovation ecosystem.

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Andrey Starodubtsev, curator of the module
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High Tech Business Creation: Check-list for Entrepreneurs (in Russian)

You can find more information here Создание технологического бизнеса: чек-лист для предпринимателей (in Russian)


Daniil Tyan

Diana Syunyaeva

Kristina Kanunnikova

Antonina Golubeva

High Tech Business Creation: Check-list for Entrepreneurs

The module aims to develop students' professional competencies in the field of project management. It helps students to form a clear understanding of how to properly manage projects in different areas, what tools and methods exist for this, how to interact with colleagues, team, external and internal stakeholders.

The main objectives of the course are studying types and kinds of projects, their life cycle, features of project development, assessment of technological readiness for commercialisation in real economy sector. Besides, a Master's student learns to assess risks, resources, organize team work and the most important - to attract financing for realization of his/her project.

Course workload:

3 credits, 108  hours

Course language: English

Learning format: online or offline according to schedule

The lectures and the seminars, workshops take place online or are held on campus. This information is displayed next to the name of the instructor you selected.

Assessment format: the examination, which takes the form of a defence of the final project.


Igor Kuprienko

Olga Medvedeva

Dmitry Oliferovich

Tools for Business Project Development and Launch (in Russian)

You can find more information here Инструменты разработки и запуска бизнес-проекта (in Russian)


Yaroslav Pavlov

Andrey Fedorov

Elena Belyaeva

Sergey Shkuratov

Konstantin Khomchenko

Ivan Zverev

Tatiana Bobrus'

Alexey Nikitin

Launching a Business: Master-classes by Entrepreneurs (in Russian)

Startup Track: From Idea to Business (in Russian)

You can find more information here Стартап-трек: от идеи до бизнеса


Dmitry Oliferovich

Corporate Job: Business Culture and Career (in Russian)

You can find more information here Работа в корпорации: бизнес-культура и карьера


Elena Gavrilyuk

Project Management

You can find more information here Проектный менеджмент


Druzhinina Anastasia Romanovna

High Tech Business Creation (online course) (in Russian)