Schedule and types of practical training

There are three regulations for practical training, which define its schedule and types.

Regulations on practical training

Regulations on practical training for students in Bachelor’s, Specialist’s, Master’s, and secondary professional education programs at ITMO University (in Russian)  is the main document containing the rules of practical training.

Practical training is a form of educational activity that consists of certain types of work related to a student’s future profession and aimed at the formation, consolidation, and development of practical skills and competencies in the field corresponding to a student’s educational program.

Students’ responsibilities:

  • participation in the development of an individual practical Training Assignment;
  • compliance with the deadlines and contents of their practical training;
  • following workplace health and safety precautions, fire safety, and internal labor regulations;
  • making a report on their practical training and uploading it on ISU.

Students begin their practical training by order of the university rector or an authorized official at ITMO University. Each student is assigned to one of ITMO’s structural units or a partner organization with a specified type and duration of practical training and an appointed head of practical training at ITMO University. 

Yearly academic schedule

Here you can find the schedule and type your practical training.

The working program of the practical training

You can find the program in ISU on the page of your educational program, in the Документы (Documents) section, file named titled РПП (The working program of the practical training). It lists what you have to master during your practical training and how it will be evaluated: the results of your training, the responsibilities you fulfilled, the form of your report and the criteria for its evaluation, the list of methodological and educational sources.

The working program of your practical training defines:

  • the type and kind of practical training, the workload, and the method of its implementation;
  • the list of planned outcomes of your practical training, that correspond to the planned results of the mastering of your educational program;
  • the contents of your practical training in the form of a list of certain types of work;
  • the specified form of report and criteria for its evaluation;
  • methodological materials (if applicable);
  • the list of references to educational and other resources;
  • the list of information technologies used during practical training, including the list of software and information reference systems (if applicable);
  • the description of the software and hardware equipment necessary for the practical training;
  • other information and (or) materials (if applicable).