Grading System

ITMO employs a grading point system. 

How does the system work?

  • Students accumulate points throughout each course (module) that then turn into their final grades;
  • At the first introductory class of each course, students learn more about the tasks and points they can get for them; 
  • Points are recorded in an electronic record book and thus can be tracked remotely (in the, applications (Google Play, App Store) or in the;
  • To pass a test or exam, you need to accumulate enough points to get a final grade (as well as pass all the course milestones);
  • You can earn more points with the Планирую повысить баллы (Planning to get more points) function in 
  • Your parents (legal guardians) can access the digital record book on through student access (more information you can find here (in Russian) page 10)