Individual learning tracks. Choosing your courses

Once you enroll at ITMO University, your academic life is determined by your individual learning track. You create it yourself by putting together a succession of courses (modules) aligned to your academic goals, interests, and motivation.

You start to form your individual track on your first day at ITMO by choosing your courses (modules), their format (online/offline), their level (basic/advanced), and language of instruction (Russian/English). You can choose the schedule of the course, your lecturer, or the order of courses in a semester. At ITMO, you can fine-tune your academic process.

How do I choose courses and create my schedule?

The selection for the spring semester 2023/2024 will open on  January 29 at 3 pm and will be available until 9 pm, on January 30 and 31, you will be able to select your courses between  9 am and 9 pm. To do it right, follow the steps below:

  • go to my.itmo
  • use your ITMO.ID to log in (your login and password are in your email inbox)
  • choose the courses that you are interested in
  • click on the button "Go to schedule selection"
  • change the time or teacher for each course, if needed
  • make sure to save your selection!

If you have any questions or difficulties during the process, you can always write to Helpdesk in the «Выборность» section.

You will be able to choose your elective courses on February 5-9.


  • Every course that can be chosen has a limit on the number of students who can attend it. Students sign up for available places – and there will be no additional places. Do not leave the choice for the last day!
  • Students who haven’t made their choice within the specified time will be automatically signed up for courses with available free spaces by February 5.

Your individual educational program (IEP)

On November 20, it will become possible to build an individual educational program  in the Curriculum section on the portal. You will be able to select the courses you want to study and the semesters in which to study them.

Attention! NEW!

The option to create your individual educational program will now always be available, and you will always be able to make adjustments in the course plan of future semesters!

However, it won’t be possible to introduce any changes to past or ongoing semesters.

The information needed for the course selection process will be uploaded 3 weeks before the start of this process.

In December, you will have the opportunity to receive personalized recommendations for choosing disciplines and activities based on your interests.

Project participants:

All students of ITMO University

With the IEP you can:

  • change* your selection of courses and study what you’re most interested in 
  • select semesters that suit you best for studying certain courses
  • help the university plan the educational process
  • plan disciplines for the entire period of study
  • build your own unique educational program

I’ve built my individual educational program. What’s next?

  • we take data from your IEP
  • create a schedule
  • organize course selection
  • the disciplines you have chosen in the IEP are reserved

In June, more than 2,000 students received exactly the disciplines that they planned in their IEP!


If you have any questions, please follow the link

What courses can be replaced:

*The courses that you can replace are not marked as «обязательные» (mandatory) and have a special mark in the form of a circular arrow. Different curricula will have a different number of replaceable courses. 

To replace a course, see that the following conditions are fulfilled: 

  • the old course and the new course are worth an equal amount of credits (for example, Course 1, 3 ECTS should be replaced by Course 2, 3 ECTS)
  • both courses should be offered in the same semester (fall or spring)

Important! The head of your educational program and the department responsible for the new course have to approve the replacement.