Individual learning tracks. Choosing your courses

Once you enroll at ITMO University, your academic life is determined by your individual learning track. You create it yourself by compiling a succession of disciplines (modules) based on your academic goals, interests and motivation. 

You start to form your individual track from your first day at ITMO by choosing your courses (modules), their format (online/offline), their level (basic/advanced), and language of instruction (Russian/English). You can choose the time you want to study the course, choose your lecturer, or the order of courses in a semester. At ITMO you can fine-tune your academic process. 


  • Every discipline that can be chosen has a limit on the number of students that can attend it. Students sign up for available places – and there will be no places over the limit. 
  • Some of the specializations can only be joined via a competition. You will be informed of such cases by the head of your program.
  • Students who haven’t made their choice in the specified time will be automatically signed up for courses with available free spaces. 
  • Starting from the 2020/2021 academic year, Master’s studies at ITMO are module-based. What does that mean? Read more about it here (currently in Russian). How does it affect your choice of courses? There are seven periods in each semester. The head of each program determines the periods for core courses of the program, while students choose the order in which to take all other courses.
  •  Students who want their diploma to state that their studies were done entirely in English must only choose courses/modules/specializations in English. 

To make the most of these opportunities, familiarize yourself with the following guide. 

1st year (2022/2023)

Information for the first-year students of 2022/2023 will be posted in August 2022.

2nd year (2021/2022)

What do I choose? 

  • Core module:
    • Soft Skills: choice options depends on faculty you are studing at. You can find list of disciplines in ISU (in Russian): Личный кабинет (My ISU) => Образование и наука (Education and Research) => Учебный план (Educational plan).
  • Interprofile faculty module (only for Technological Management and Innovations Fuculty students): you choose one discipline. You can find list of disciplines in ISU (in Russian): Личный кабинет (My ISU) => Образование и наука (Education and Research) => Учебный план (Educational plan).
  • Professional module: you choose one discipline. You can find list of disciplines in ISU (in Russian): Личный кабинет (My ISU) => Образование и наука (Education and Research) => Учебный план (Educational plan).
  • International programmes: you choose language of disciplines.
  • Optional courses – extra courses you might want to choose.
  • University-wide optional courses:
    • Extra courses you might want to choose in addition to your educational program.
    • You can choose only two courses at the semester.

When do I choose?

You will be able to start choosing on June 20 after 2.00 p.m. and the choice will be available every day from 9.00 a.m. to 9.00 p.m until June 26 inclusive.

NB! After June 26 students who have not made a choice will be automatically distributed to the remaining vacant places.

You can see the list of selected discipline in ISU (in Russian): Личный кабинет (My ISU) => Образование и наука (Education and Research) => Расписание (или Электронная зачетная книжка) (Schedule)

How do I choose? 

Choosing courses in 2022/2023 fall semester will be on portal with authorization according to the ISU account.

The choice of all disciplines must be completed during one session of work. The session time is limited to 15 minutes. The session begins from the moment you go to the discipline selection page. During the session, places are reserved for the selected disciplines and streams. When you deselect, the seats are released from the reserve and become available to other students. When you confirm your selection, the reserve is saved and the session ends automatically. Otherwise, after 15 minutes, the selection will be canceled and the reservation will be canceled. The student remains on the same page, but the choice will have to be made from the beginning.

Where can I learn more about the courses (modules)?

All the details are in the tab Education section section.