Internal academic mobility

Internal academic mobility is a unique feature of ITMO’s educational process that allows our students to pick modules from other faculties’ educational programs. An internal academic mobility module consists of two courses from a general subject area. There are a total of seven general subject areas at the university, and students can pick a module from any area but their own. 

The chosen internal mobility module can be relevant to your field of study, but it can also be completely different. This enables our students to experiment with other subject areas or simply broaden their academic horizons. It’s your choice. It is also an important step for every student, as internal mobility is an opportunity to make the right choice about the direction of your studies for the next two years.


General subject area Biotechnology and Cryogenic Systems

In the courses of this GSA you will learn about the way research is conducted in the fields of life sciences, technology, and low temperature physics.

General subject area Cyberphysical Systems and Technologies

What do a smart kettle and a metallurgic plant have in common?

General subject area Computer Technologies

Software systems engineering is at the core of many industries.

General subject area Entrepreneurship and Innovation

GSA Entrepreneurship and Innovation trains a highly sought-after  group of specialists in the field of innovative projects, products and strategies for various sectors of the economy.

General subject area Applied Mathematics and Programming

Students of the GSA Applied Mathematics and Programming are seven-time winners of the ICPC (International Collegiate Programming Contest) as well as multifold winners of other competitions, such as: VK Cup, Russian Code Cup, Yandex.Algorithm, and Facebook Hacker Cup.

General subject area Translational Information Technologies

The module presents the principle of knowledge translation via the use of ICT for the collaboration of different fields of science and in finding solutions to practical interdisciplinary problems.

General subject area Photonics

Photonics is a promising trend in global technologies and one of ITMO University’s  priority fields.