ITMO University’s Volunteer Center

ITMO University’s Volunteer Center

ITMO University’s Volunteer Center Join ITMO’s People Need You Volunteer Center – here you can grow and launch new projects!

We are an ambitious team of volunteers based at ITMO University. We engage in a wide variety of initiatives because volunteering, just like our society, is multifaceted. We find ways to use new technologies for the benefit of society. We take part in and organize events of all scales – from university-wide to international. We teach volunteers and volunteer coordinators. We are members of the Russian Association of Volunteer Centers. And, finally, we take volunteering to the next level.



Best volunteer center

In 2020, the Ministry of Science and Higher Education named ITMO’s People Need You Volunteer Center the best student volunteer center in Russia.

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Presidential Medal for contribution to the national initiative #WeAreTogether

17 volunteers from ITMO University were awarded the Presidential Medal for contribution to the national initiative #WeAreTogether in 2020. The most active participants of the initiative received medals and certificates for helping the elderly and people with reduced mobility during the pandemic. In an article on ITMO.NEWS, they shared how they decided to start helping others and what they expect to happen next with the project.

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Fields of activity

The main activities of the People Need You! Volunteer Center include:

  • event volunteering;
  • digital volunteering;
  • environmental volunteering;
  • blood donation;
  • animal volunteering;
  • cultural volunteering;
  • war history volunteers;
  • working with children and teenagers;
  • volunteering for school students;
  • media volunteering;
  • international activities.

How do you become an ITMO volunteer?

Apply to become a member of the Volunteer Center

Fill in a small application form to let us get to know your experience and interests.

Sign up for the DOBRO.RU platform

After you’ve created your profile there, you will get access to your digital volunteering record. There, you will also be able to apply for the most appealing volunteering opportunities.

Study at our Volunteering school

The school would be a chance for us to get to know you better and for you – to learn about all the available volunteering opportunities so you can choose the one that suits you best. A Volunteer Center mentor will notify you about the start of the school.

Sign up for volunteering events

You will find a regularly updated list of vacancies here (in Russian).

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