Living in the dorms

Every student has to know and follow certain rules when residing at the dorm. Above all else, that concerns paying rent, temporary registration at the place of residence, and moving to another dormitory. 

Paying rent for your dorm room

Payments must be done in advance no later than the 10th day of the month for which the payment is made (you can also pay in advance for several months within a semester). 

You can pay your rent in cash at offices of banks that the university has established the necessary agreements with. 

Attention: you need to pay for the first month of your stay on the day you move into the dorm. 

Students listed in item 2 of the order of ITMO University No. 760-од in accordance with item 6, article 39 of the Federal Law dated December 12, 2012 No. 273-ФЗ “On Education in the Russian Federation”, are exempt from rent obligations. 

The utility fees outlined in the order above should be paid in full by all students.

According to item 2.6 of order of ITMO University No. 677-од dated August 20, 2018, applicants to the university have to pay 200 rubles/day for their rooms, and as the period of lease is short, no students are relieved of the fees.

We remind you that from January 1, 2021, the details for paying for dormitory accommodation and sports services will change. New details — follow the link. Please note that if you pay for January in December, then payment is made according to the old details.

The change of dormitory is temporarily not carried out, due to lack of available places

Students from the following categories can request to change their dorms: 

  • Students listed in part 5, article 36 of the Federal Law No. 273-ФЗ “On Education in the Russian Federation” dated December 29, 2012; 
  • Students from a family with 3 or more underage children;
  • Socially active students with achievements in one of the following areas: research, academic, social, sports, cultural, and creative. 

A student's inclusion in one of the categories must be confirmed with a written statement by the head or authorised staff member of the relevant ITMO University department: 

  • International Students Learning and Support Center – achievements of international students in any of the abovementioned fields. 

Template of request for relocation. 

Included in the request must be documents confirming your inclusion in one of the aforementioned categories.

Your relocation request can be approved only upon room availability in the chosen dorm by the time you submit your request.
Students from socially unprotected categories (see article 39 ФЗ dated 29.12.2012 № 273-ФЗ) are to be relocated only to the dorms with lesser accommodation cost.

During the semester, only 1 application for a change of dorm can be submitted.The requests are collected by the Student Services Office.

Migration registration

International students should address all their questions concerning migration registration to the Migration Services Office:

  • Lomonosova St. 9, room 2139d
  • + 7 (812) 315-05-21


1. How do I join the waiting list for a room at one of ITMO’s dorms? 

During application, prospective students need to put a tick next to “I need a dorm and temporary registration for the period of my studies”. ITMO University students can apply for a dorm room via the Общежитие (Dormitory) application in ISU.

In case you cannot apply via ISU, you can file an application in person at the Student Services Office. 

2. Can I change the date of my move into the dorm? 

Yes, you will have one more opportunity. You have to cancel your appointment and pick another move-in date. 

If you fail to move in for the second time without a good reason, you are deemed to not be requiring a dorm and thus you lose your place on the waiting list. You will have to apply for a room once more and re-join the list. 

3. Where can I find a relevant list of documents needed to move in? 

After you’ve chosen the date and time of your move-in in ISU, a window will appear in the Dormitory section with information on all the necessary documents. You can also find the list on this website in section “Moving into a dormitory”.

4. How do I get a migration registration in St. Petersburg if I don’t move into a dorm?

If you stay at a hotel, you should be registered on the day of your check-in; just ask about your registration at the reception area (may cost up to 300 RUB).

If you rent a flat, your landlord should register you. Please write to to get more details on registration in a flat.

5. Where do I bring my medical documents that are needed to move in? 

You need to provide copies of all medical documents listed on this website to one of ITMO’s first aid posts

6. How do I pay for my room?

Every month ITMO students get their dorm room bills via email. You can also get your bill from the head of your dorm. 

7. I am a member of a socially disadvantaged social group. Do I have to pay for my dorm room? 

Students listed in item 5 article 36 of the Federal Law No. 273 “On Education in the Russian Federation” are exempt from payment given that they provide documents proving their status (you can learn more about it at the Student Services Office at Lomonosova St. 9, room 1119). The utility fees, however, have to be paid in full by all students. 

8. What happens if I pay my rent using an older rent agreement? Will I get the overpaid amount back?

This question should be directed to the head of your dorm. They will contact the accounting department and assist with the refund.

9. Can students on a gap year stay at dormitories?

No, they can't. There are no dormitories provided for students on a gap year.

10. Can I move to another room?

Rooms are distributed directly by the administration of the dorm. You should contact the head of your dorm.

11. Can I move into a dormitory with my spouse who is a student of another university?

Unfortunately not. It is not possible to live in a dormitory with family members who are not affiliated with ITMO University.

12. Can I share a room with my spouse if we are both students at ITMO University?

Spouses can reside together per the dorm administration’s permission once they’ve provided a marriage certificate. Cohabitation is only possible in 2-bed dormitories located at Vyazemsky Lane 5/7., Alpiyskiy Lane 15, bldg. 2A and Belorusskaya St. 6A.

13. Who do I need to contact regarding the sanitary and hygienic standards in the dormitory?

For questions regarding the sanitary and hygienic standards in the dormitory, you should contact the Dormitory Department at Lomonosova St. 9, room 1221.

Evgeny A. Kriklivetc – deputy head of the Dormitory Department

  • +7 (812) 572-12-40

14. Where can I find the contact information of the head of my dormitory?

On our website in the section of your dormitory.

15. When taking my entrance exams, can I receive my migration registration from the university?

Yes, but only if you are staying at ITMO University’s dorms.

 ITMO University’s Dormitory Department monitors and maintains the state of all of the university's residential premises.

You can contact the Department with questions regarding:

  • sanitary and hygienic standards;
  • rent contracts and payments;
  • moving to another room within the same dormitory;
  • conflicts between dorm residents and/or staff.

You can find the Dormitory Department here:

  • Lomonosova St., 9, lit. M, room. 1202.

You can find the Dormitory Department here:

  •  Lomonosova St., 9, lit. M, room. 1202.