For your convenience, here you can find everything that has to do with your studies at ITMO. 

Individual learning tracks and course selection for Bachelor’s and Master’s students

You can check your learning track in the respective sections for Bachelor’s and Master’s students. There, you’ll find info on the modules available for each year of studies, the time when you have to choose your specialization, the grading system, and much more. 

Class schedules 

Now you can check your class schedule from home! What do you need? A smartphone or laptop and an internet connection – nothing else.

Interim exams 

On our website, you can also learn all about interim exams and how you can take them in advance or repeat them. 

Online education 

ITMO wholly supports our students’ drive for knowledge. That is why every one of our students can receive financial support for completing MOOCs. ITMO.Online is your opportunity to take education outside the classroom. 

International academic mobility 

If you are dreaming of studying abroad or want to take part in an international conference, ITMO will help you. You can learn more about academic exchange and international internships in the Academic exchange and studying abroad section. 

Practical training

Don’t forget about your professional and academic training! ITMO students can do their training at a company of their choice, as well as one from the university’s partner pool. 

Internal academic mobility  

At ITMO, our students can not only study the disciplines in their own programs, but also take modules from programs of other faculties. You can learn more about it in the Internal academic mobility section.