Competition of optional courses by Master’s and PhD students

Opportunities for sharing knowledge through courses are open not only to lecturers, but also to Master’s and PhD students – all thanks to the Students for Students (S4S) track within the optional courses initiative. This track allows students to develop their own optional courses.

Course authors can submit self-designed optional courses, provided that they are different from those already taught within ITMO’s educational programs. So, if there is already a course in conversational Chinese, the competition’s committee won’t approve another one on the same topic.

At the start of each semester, the competition schedule is published on ISU and the pages of the Staff Support Office on Telegram and VK (pages in Russian).

Student submissions are evaluated by a committee featuring deans and lecturers from different faculties, as well as experts from the Department of Academic Affairs.

Once a submission is approved, coordinators assist course creators with the class schedule, employment documents for lecturers (if necessary), as well as writing the detailed course syllabus and the course description for the ITMO.Students website. Every student teaching within the S4S track is assigned an experienced mentor from among ITMO’s academic staff.

The final decision on the launch of the course depends on the number of students who sign up for it.

An S4S optional course has the workload of 1 credit (36 academic hours): 12 hours of practical classes and 24 hours of individual work. There may be up to 30 students in a group.