A great number of contests for young people are held annually in St. Petersburg, Russia, and internationally. Participation in such contests can be beneficial both for your hard skills and your personal connections, so we’ve come up with a list of top contests, grants, forums, and festivals you should know about. Choose the one that appeals to you most, submit your application, show your strengths, and benefit from everything the contest offers.

What kind of support can I expect from ITMO University?

At ITMO, you can get:

  1. Assistance with filling out your contest application;
  2. Coverage of your travel expenses. To receive it, apply for the university’s internal competition. You can learn more about it here (in Russian).

If you want to receive support, send an email to stating your:

  • full name;
  • ISU number;
  • the type of support you need: a consultation on your application or help with applying for funding.


ITMO.FUTURE allows students to share their ideas on how to develop the university. The best suggestions are chosen by an open vote, evaluated by experts, and then implemented at ITMO.

ITMO.Students grant competition

This competition is meant to support students’ business initiatives. To participate, you will need to describe your idea and its budget, as well as potentially present it. Applications may also be reviewed by external experts, such as representatives of the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs. The competition is open to all ITMO students.

Leaders of Russia

This is a next-gen open contest for management specialists from every field. Among the contest’s mentors are regional governors, CEOs of major companies, a presidential advisor, and other government representatives. Participants should have over 2 years of managing experience. Winners will receive a grant for education and a personal mentor, as well as expand their professional networks.

National contest of youth projects

The contest is held all year round offline and online. Eligible applicants are Russian citizens aged 14-35, as well as higher education institutions, and non-profit organizations, including youth and children’s communities.

National creative contest Tvoy Khod

Over the four stages of the contest you will discover your potential and build your own development trajectory, as well as acquire the skills necessary to develop project solutions and learn to solve tasks from top companies or the country’s regions. And the finalists will get an internship at a top company. You will definitely benefit from participation, regardless of how many stages you take part in.

National contest Digital Breakthrough

This national contest is for IT specialists, designers, and managers in the field of digital economy. Assemble your dream team and develop your project all the way from an idea to a prototype. After taking an online test, join one of the 40 hackathons for a chance to enter the finals and compete for a grant, prizes, and the opportunity to launch your project. The contest is open for digital specialists. The total grant pool is 55,000,000 rubles.

I am a Professional student contest

This is an annual contest for ambitious and talented Bachelor’s, Specialist’s, and Master’s students interested in engineering, humanities, or natural sciences. Winners receive monetary prizes and bonuses when applying to Master’s and PhD programs.

National festival Russian Student Spring

This event for active and creative students features workshops, contests, and a cultural program. You can choose any nomination, including music, dance, drama, media, fashion, and beauty. The festival is open to school and university students.

National youth championship Manage!

This is a contest for fledgling managers from all over the country that could be a brilliant career start or a chance to practice relevant skills. The main format of the championship is business games. The contest is open for students aged 18-25.

National project contest My Country – My Russia

Participants in this contest submit their ideas of projects aimed at fostering the social and economic development of Russian regions. This is an opportunity to positively influence the development of a village, city, or region – and thus the whole country.