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If you need to get a verification letter, a copy of your high school or degree certificate, an order excerpt or any other document, you need to contact the Student Services Office. To do that you have to submit a request via your personal ISU page. 


You will receive an email notification once the document you requested is ready. You can then pick it up at the Student Services Office. 

What kind of documents can you request? 

  • An order excerpt. You can request a notarized excerpt from your order of admission to ITMO; order of academic leave or completion of your degree; order of expulsion, readmission, transfer to the next year of your degree, admission to classes after an academic leave (up to two business days). 
  • Notarized copies of ITMO’s license to provide educational services and state accreditation certificate. You might need those when applying for educational tax deduction, or when applying for the Russian residence permit and citizenship (up to two business days). 
  • A copy of your high school or degree certificate. You might need those when applying for a visa or a Russian citizenship, visiting a notary or looking for a job (up to two business days). 
  • Certificate of study (study period). Needed for transfers to other universities or during expulsion, this certificate contains grades for all of your completed courses (up to five business days). 
  • Student status certificate. Usually asked for in many institutions – tax offices, dorms, your parents’ workplaces, etc. (up to two business days).
  • Study leave certificate. Entitles you to a study leave to take entrance, interim or state exams, complete and defend your thesis. (up to two business days).
  • Academic progress report. You might need it to transfer from fee-based to tuition-free study format, as well as to apply for various grants, scholarships and competitions (up to two business days). 

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