Psychological support

At ITMO University, every Russian and international student can receive free psychological support.

The Medical, Psychological and Social Assistance Center offers:

  • Psychological counseling;
  • Training sessions;
  • Relaxation sessions;
  • Meditation sessions.

Psychological counseling is offered on matters of:

  • Life choices and expectations;
  • Self-doubt, anxiety, fears, panic attacks;
  • Emotional trauma and other emotional problems (feelings of guilt, anger, resentment, etc.);
  • Loneliness;
  • Inner emptiness, feelings of dismay or depression;
  • Destructive relationships and destructive attitudes towards oneself;
  • Introspection and self-realization;
  • Relationships with others (peers, friends, personal relationships, parents);
  • Learning difficulties, loss of motivation, procrastination;
  • Psychosomatic disorders;
  • Various types of loss (separation, loss, death of loved ones).

How to sign up for a consultation?

Send request

Write a message to the VK group.

In the letter wright:

  • your full name and telephone number; 
  • the specific time and date at which you want to receive a consultation.


VK group and E-mail:

Wait for approval

If your plans have changed and you cannot attend the consultation, please inform the specialist about this in advance.

You also have the opportunity to get alternative psychological support.


Aliya A. Grecova

Clinical psychologist, consultant

Arkady V. Goncharenko


Evgeniya I. Ostasheva

Clinical psychologist

Svetlana V. Smolyaninova


Psychological support

For the residents of the student campus at Vyazemsky Lane 5/7.

Psychological counselling on:

  • questions about yourself and about the world;
  • unproductive relationships;
  • emotional disturbances;
  • life goals and ways to achieve them;
  • desires and ways of applying them.

Psychologist: Yanina V. Zherdeva
Address: Vyazemsky Lane 5/7, rooms 11-16
Meeting hours for individual sessions: Monday to Friday, from 3 PM to 9 PM by appointment.
For registration:

For students with disabilities, their parents and their teachers.

The Center for Inclusive Education offers psychological counseling, training, career guidance, and relaxation sessions.

Psychological counseling is offered on issues regarding:

  • relations with peers, teachers, parents;
  • conflict situations;
  • development of self-awareness;
  • learning difficulties;
  • negative emotional states. 

For registration:

Address: Lomonosova St. 9, room 1201

Available consultation formats: face-to-face and online sessions.
Discussions and meetings in rooms 1410, 1411.