Entering ITMO University

There are three types of passes you can use to enter ITMO University: 

  • ITMO.FAMILY campus card;
  • A QR code;
  • A pass linked to any card.

ITMO.FAMILY campus card

In 2018, ITMO University began to issue the ITMO.FAMILY campus card that aims to simplify many processes that happen within the university.

It’s a bank card that you can use to enter ITMO buildings and receive your stipend or salary.

Campus cards are issued to recently enrolled students every September according to a schedule. All updates on the schedule are published on the ITMO.STUDENTS website and on social media. Make sure to have your passport with you when picking up your card. After the end of the period stated in the schedule, the ITMO.FAMILY campus card can be picked up at the Bank St. Petersburg Primorsky branch: Bolshaya Zelenina St. 8-2, near metro station Chkalovskaya. 

If you lose your card, you have to contact the bank’s customer support service to disable the old card and issue a new one.

QR code

You can currently use a QR code to gain entry at four ITMO University campuses: Lomonosova St. 9, Kronverksky Pr. 49, Grivtsova Lane 14-16, and Tchaikovskogo St. 11/2. 

You can generate the code in ISU or via the ITMO.STUDENTS app (App Store and Google Play). 

A linked pass

You can link your pass to any card: 

  • Student travel card
  • Permanent ITMO pass
  • Bank card

You can link your card at ITMO’s Physical Security Department. 

FAQ on using the QR code pass

I can’t find the pass in the ITMO.STUDENTS app.

Go to Services – Pass. 

I can’t find it in ISU.

Go to ISU (in Russian) – Личный кабинет (My ISU) – IT-сервисы (IT Services) – Электронный пропуск (Digital pass). 

I put the code near the scanner but it is not read instantly.

Place your screen at 10-15 cm from the scanner. It will work most efficiently this way. 

I place my phone on the scanner but the Apple Pay/Google Pay prompt pops up.

Place your screen at 10-15 cm from the scanner. It will work most efficiently this way and will not interact with your phone’s NFC feature.

I have already entered ITMO using my pass in ISU/the IS app but it has stopped working now.

The QR code both in ISU and in the app is generated for 1 entrance and 1 exit only. Consequently, after exiting the university, you will need to either tap “Back” in the app and open the Pass tab again, or refresh the ISU page. 

Contact information

Regarding matters of access and using the campus card you can contact the Physical Security Department

  • Kronverksky Pr. 49, room 1105 (the first floor)
  • Mon-Fri, 9 am – 6 pm 
  • phone: +7 812 607-04-16
  • email: