Student news organization Megabyte

Megabyte is an ITMO University-based student media organization that operates in the radio, video, online, and print formats (as a newspaper and the magazine NewTone). Members of Megabyte report on top events of the university and the city, meet researchers, and share news of the latest technological advances.

Megabyte is made by students under the guidance of professional journalists. Anyone can try their hand at being a correspondent, radio host, camera operator, video editor, or photographer. As staff members, students take part in editorial meetings and suggest their ideas for future content.

We are regular winners of regional and national competitions. Since 2015, the Megabyte team has been hosting the annual national student forum Sciencemedia, which focuses on popularization of science and education in youth-oriented media.

Meet us in our office at Kronverksky Prospekt 49, room 454.

Editor in chief: Alexey Itin

Phone: +7(812) 607-0390


Our social media: VK, Instagram