Government stipend

All international students and stateless citizens studying at ITMO within the quota set by the Russian government receive the government stipend throughout the entire period of their studies regardless of their grades. 

The basic stipend offered to ITMO University students

Stipend payout periods:

Students receive their stipend every month during the study semester after they have passed interim exams. 

The scholarship is paid monthly on 3-5 days of the previous month. The exceptions are December (for December, the payment occurs on the 27-29 days of December) and April (for April, the payment occurs on the 27-29 days of April).

Financial value of the stipend

  • If you get “good” and “excellent” grades – 2,000 rubles;
  • If you get only “excellent” grades – 4,100 rubles; 
  • If you are a first-year student (Bachelor’s, Specialist, or Master’s) – 2,000;
  • ITMO.Family stipend for first-year students (Bachelor’s and Specialist): 
    • Golden ID – 15,000;
    • Silver ID – 10,000;
    • Bronze ID – 7,000;
    • Sports ID – 10,000. 

Students receive only one of the stipends mentioned above. 
Stipend is transferred to the Bank St. Petersburg card issued to every student during their first year. 

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