Student Organizations

Getting a higher education is an important part of anyone’s life, but so is socialization. If you want to establish connections, gain new skills, and meet like-minded people, you can do that at our many student clubs and communities.


ITMO.STUDENTS is the university’s largest student organization. It represents students’ rights and interests and creative, sports, and social initiatives.

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KronBars student sports club

KronBars is ITMO University’s sports club and home to all sports enthusiasts. The club includes various sports sections and select teams; it also organizes sporting festivals and tournaments.

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Student news organization Megabyte

Megabyte is an ITMO University-based student media organization that operates in the radio, video, online, and print formats (as a newspaper and the magazine NewTone).

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Volunteer Center

Join ITMO’s People Need You Volunteer Center – here you can grow and launch new projects! Become a volunteer at ITMO’s volunteering clubs in a few steps.