Weeeeee is a free electric scooter rental (or kicksharing) service for members of ITMO.FAMILY. Thanks to kicksharing, you can now quickly cruise between ITMO campuses.


  • Free rides are provided between these ITMO campuses:
    • 9 Lomonosova St.
    • 49 Kronverksky Pr.
    • 5-7 Vyazemsky Lane
    • 11/2 Tchaikovskogo St.
    • 14 Grivtsova Lane
    • 4 Birzhevaya Liniya
  • In addition, there is a route between:
    • 6 Belorusskaya St
    • Bolshevikov Avenue metro station
    • Sevcabel Port
    • Primorskaya metro station
  • Rides are free for ITMO University students and staff
  • Students and staff still have to pay for rides outside the aforementioned routes
  • You can get no more than two free rides per day
  • The free service doesn’t work on Sundays
  • To use the service, download the Whoosh and IS App apps for iOS or Android

How to use

  • Download the Whoosh app on App Store or Google Play
  • Sign up or log in to the app
  • Download the IS App app on App Store or Google Play
  • Find a scooter parked near one of the participating campuses
  • In the IS App (use your ISU login info):
    • Go to the Services tab
    • Tap Weeeeee
    • Pick a route between two ITMO campuses
    • Get your promo code
    • Copy it (there is a button for that)
    • Go to the Whoosh app
    • Rent your chosen scooter using the promo code
    • Enjoy your ride to ITMO

You are forbidden to

  • Change the planned destination of your route
  • Make unplanned stops (over 2 minutes) on your route
  • Share your promo code with others (code usage is monitored) there are inspections)*
  • Violate traffic regulations for electric scooters*
  • Violate the service’s terms of use (you can find those in the Whoosh app)*
  • Park your scooter outside of ITMO’s designated parking areas
  • Damage the scooters**

*  in case of violation, students/staff members will be barred from using the service 
**  in case of violation, students/staff members will need to cover the damage caused

Where are ITMO’s parking areas located?

You can find the complete list of available parkings here.

These points are considered the start and finish points of routes.

You can take a scooter in green area and left in red.


If you have any questions, you can contact the ITMO.Students VK group.