Yagodnoe Sports and Leisure Camp.

ITMO students and staff can always get out of the city to relax or host their own event at ITMO’s Yagodnoe Sports and Leisure Camp.

The cozy atmosphere and charming nature with access to various sports and other equipment makes it possible for everyone to find an activity they enjoy. Yagodnoe supports student initiatives and always provides an opportunity for everyone to grow.

ITMO’s Yagodnoe Sports and Leisure Camp is:

  • an open platform for holding international, national, and interuniversity projects that create a functional framework for social development. It’s a place for learning, growth, and experience exchange;
  • a space to get inspired, come up with new ideas, and interact informally. A place where people from different generations and professions come together and feel at home.

At Yagodnoe, you will find cabins with all the necessary facilities, a cafeteria with a view over the lake and warm floors, basketball and volleyball courts, a football field, a running track, a gym, a rock climbing center, windsurfing, boats, a banya, and classrooms.

You can come to Yagodnoe to:

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Address: Yagodnoe, Priozersky district, Leningrad Oblast

How to get there:

  1. By car. Here is the map. Coordinates are: 60°37′48″N, 29°59′44″E
  2. By bus 960 from Parnas metro station to the Losevo railway station. Bus schedules (in Russian).
  3. By train from the Finland or Devyatkino railway stations to the Losevo railway station. Train schedules (in Russian).

You can get a taxi from the Losevo station to ITMO’s Yagodnoe camp (tell the driver you need Лагерь ИТМО (Lager ITMO – ITMO’s camp), and they will know).

Read more about getting there here (in Russian).

Contact Yagodnoe:

Marina Kuznetsova

Head of Yagodnoe Sports and Leisure Camp


Yuliya Medvedeva

Deputy head of Yagodnoe Sports and Leisure Camp


Alexandra Stepanova

Content Manager

+7(910) 495-69-28