Sports facilities

Bars Arena is a sports complex on Lomonosova St. 9.

There, you will find a shooting range, a gym, a dry rowing hall, a martial arts dojo, an arena, and a smaller training hall.

The arena has an area of 524 square meters and is equipped with basketball hoops and a volleyball net. This is where ITMO’s basketball, volleyball, and floorball clubs conduct their training sessions; it’s also where we hold regular championships in these sports.

The smaller hall is carpeted and has wall bars. There, you will find classes in yoga, fitness, cheerleading, ballroom dancing, and martial arts.

Apart from the rowing equipment, the dry rowing hall is equipped with CrossFit weights.

At the gym, you will find all the equipment for weight training.

Vyazemsky is a sports complex located on Vyazemsky Ln. 5/7.

The complex has a 733 square meters arena with a balcony, as well as a rock climbing wall, basketball hoops, volleyball and badminton nets, wall bars, tables for table tennis, as well as other equipment.

There is also a boxing hall and a gym.

Additionally, the sports complex has a pool hall, where the pool and darts clubs gather for their classes; it is also the venue of chess tournaments.

Alpiysky is a sports complex on Alpiysky Ln. 15 bldg. 2.

It’s a multifunctional sports hall equipped with mirrors, which makes it a perfect location for classes in sport dance, fencing, fitness, yoga, as well as table tennis.