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Module description

Modern physics, originating in the works of Newton, explains many phenomena in our universe. From the behavior of subatomic particles to the formation of distant galaxies – every phenomenon can be described by physical laws. However, in addition to this descriptive function, physics also has a practical aspect to it: the technological abundance we are surrounded with was brought by the work of numerous physicists. Physics is our tool on the way towards progress, and absolutely everyone can benefit from knowing the basic physical principles. 

In this module, you will discover the laws defining the world around us, get the basic skills of working with contemporary lab equipment, and learn to model basic physical phenomena. In addition, you will learn how the knowledge you acquire will help in solving problems that you will encounter in your career.

In addition to classes in accordance with the schedule, the course includes weekly consultations and additional seminars. All classes, including these additional ones, are streamed in Zoom.

You can find up-to-date information about the available courses, their content, and assessment policies here (in Russian). There you can also find contact information and office hours of your lecturers, the schedule of consultations, and the instructions on how to sign up for practical classes.

How to sign up for a course

All classes in the module’s courses are operating in a hybrid format.Offline classes are held on the 5th floor of the ITMO University building on the Birzhevaya Liniya, 16. Students who chose to study the course remotely will be able to join these classes in Zoom (links will be available on ISU).

Most students can freely sign up for laboratory classes on this portal in the section Лабораторный практикум (Laboratory practice).

Contact us

Address: 16 Birzhevaya Line, room 538, Mon-Fri 10 am to 5 pm

Phone: +7 812 607 02 61


Depending on the faculty and the educational program, ITMO offers physics courses with different content, workload, and duration:


General Physics for Physical Specializations (School of Physics and Engineering) (in Russian)

Physics for IT Specialists (Information Technologies and Programing Faculty, Faculty of Infocommunication Technologies) (in Russian)

Physics (Faculty of Secure Information Technologies,Faculty of Control Systems and Robotics,School of Biotechnology and Cryogenic Systems,School of Life Sciences) (in Russia)

More information you can find here Физика (БИТ, СУиР, МФБиНС, МФ НЖ)

Physics (Faculty of Software Engineering and Computer Systems) (in Russian)

More information you can find here Физика (ПИиКТ)

Physics with Elements of Computer Modeling (in Russian)