Useful materials for graduate students

Dear graduate students, during the academic year, the State Attestation department will post useful information for productive preparation for the state final attestation (SFA) and for the successful defense of the Thesis

Good luck!

Materials from Employees of the State Certification Department

Application for approval of the topic and the supervisor of the Graduation Thesis

Graduation Thesis Оbjectives

  1. Guide for adding your graduation thesis objectives via ISU (RU/EN)
  2. Download presentation (in Russian)
  3. Video message about adding graduation thesis objectives (in Russian)


Graduation thesis Title page and Thesis abstract

Archive of recordings of meetings on preparation for the defense of the Thesis from ITMO Soft Skills teachers

Working with an audience and answering questions during the defense (28.04.2021)

Cover page and the abstract for the thesis (23.04.2021)

Getting ready for your final defense: managing public speaking anxiety, preparing the structure of your speech (15.04.2021)