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Foreign language is part of the compulsory curriculum at ITMO University. We have developed a special program to help our Master’s students learn any language quickly and efficiently.

The main foreign language of study at ITMO is English, but international students can learn Russian as a foreign language, too.

First, you’ll need to take a test to identify your level of proficiency in English or Russian (for international students) according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). Depending on the results of the test, students are placed in groups for levels A1, А2, В1.1, В1.2, В2, С1.

International students whose test results demonstrate a level of Russian of B2 and above can study English.

Apart from the main foreign language, students can also opt to study other languages at the levels of A1-А2.

Moreover, there are speaking clubs in Russian, English, German, French and Italian and language tests for students wishing to go on exchange abroad.

How to sign up for the course

Students sign up for English language classes on their personal pages at

After enrolling at ITMO, students receive an email invitation for a language test or their Russian language classes. 


The team of the Foreign Language Training Center is made up of professionals who are enthusiastic and passionate about their work and are always ready to share their knowledge.

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Language courses at ITMO are implemented by the Foreign Language Training Center.

Adress: 9 Lomonosova Street, room 3207

Phone: + 7 812 480-04-30


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Head of the Center

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Elena Filimonova

Deputy head of the Center

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Foreign Language for Specific Purposes (English and Russian as a foreign language)

The course teaches students to use a foreign language for professional communication and apply contemporary communication technologies for academic and professional interaction, abiding by the principles of corporate and professional ethics.

Course workload: 6 credits

Form of assessment: pass/fail test