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ITMO aims to train specialists who will develop the industry and improve the lives of individuals and society. Bold engineering solutions and scientific revolutions are the result of unconventional thinking. Human intelligence is capable of quite a lot!

In the Philosophy course  you will learn to work with seemingly unsolvable problems, develop and train your critical thinking, build the habit of thinking systematically, learn to see all the possible consequences of different propositions, and build your argumentation. These are the basic skills and abilities that will ensure your growth in any professional field.

We break patterns and stereotypes using classical and modern philosophical texts, articles, films and series,, and cases from our everyday life. In the classes, you will find a perfect environment for an open discussion  and debate, because these are the means of mastering the skill of argumentation. Every group of students will have a unique course syllabus: during a discussion with students, we will determine the course materials we will use and the way we will work with them, as well as the studying pace.

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Thinking Bachelor’s courses

The module’s team:

Daria Chirva

Ilya Mavrinsky

Alexander Pogrebnyak

Andrey Glukhovsky

Olga Davydova

Alexey Durnev

Ksenia Kapelchuk

Yana Komogortseva

Alina Latypova

Alexander Lenkevich