Culture of Life Safety

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Life Safety is a course on how to interact with the things and processes that surround us. From bank cards and loans to legal intricacies, from healthy eating to eco-friendly lifestyle, from mental health to self-defense. You will learn how to manage personal finances, cope with fears, resist manipulations, and provide first aid. This course will help you create a comfortable space for life and self-development and build harmonious connections with the world.

Course workload 2 credits, 32 academic hours
Course language Russian
Learning format Classes are held online on platform «Moodle» and contain video lectures, tests and practical assignments, useful materials, as well as interactive and informative content on the course’s VK page.
Assessment format pass/fail test. In order to pass the test, you need to earn at least 60 points.
How to sign up for the course You need to sign up via the portal using your ISU login details.

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More information you can find here Блок №1. Общий

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More information you can find here Блок №2. Вариативный


Rusanov Dmitry

Shashina Irina

Gubanova Anna

Fedorova Antonina

Orlova Olga

Hoffman Olga

Shaulsky Anatoly

Timofeeva Irina

Bykovskaya Elena

Sosnilo Andrey

Lakosina Nelly

Foks Maria

Cherkasova Margarita

Yakovlev Igor