Funding competition for extracurricular activities

This competition is meant to support students participating in federal creative and educational student events, as well as to promote ITMO University outside St. Petersburg. By winning this competition, students receive funding to cover their travel and/or accommodation costs.

The competition is open to tuition-free and tuition-paying students.

How to participate

Participation conditions

The competition is open to tuition-free and tuition-paying students.

Events you can apply for:

  • Federal events;
  • Forums held by the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs;
  • Various tournaments, competitions, championships, and contests.

Your trip should fit within one day before and one day after the event.

You can apply for and receive funding no more than two times per a calendar year.

Additional documents might be required to consider your application. You need to provide these within five business days after you receive a corresponding request to the email address you indicated in your application.

There are several factors that influence the decision on your application:

  1. For members of student clubs:
    • fully completed club description on ISU;
    • at the time of the application, your club’s activity is above average according to the student clubs ranking;
    • you promote ITMO’s brand outside the university through your student club;
    • you have successfully completed events supported by ITMO.STUDENTS grants with corresponding reports.
  2.  For students who aren’t members of a student club:
    • you are presenting yourself as an ITMO ambassador at an event held outside the university;
    • the opportunity to receive a significant result for yourself or for the university (securing a win or a prize, acquiring new knowledge and skills that can contribute to ITMO.STUDENTS, etc.

How to submit an application

You need to submit your application on (Заявки/Applications - Внеучебная деятельность/Extracurricular activities - Заявка на конкурс на финансирование поездок обучающихся в рамках внеучебной деятельности/Application for funding competition for extracurricular activities) no later than 5 business days before the planned trip.

In your application, you should indicate:

  • name of the event;
  • its organizer;
  • aim of your trip;
  • start date of your trip;
  • end date of your trip;
  • price of tickets for a round trip;
  • price of accommodation;
  • participation fee;
  • any co-funding sources.

In addition, you should attach an invitation (see example) addressed to the Rector of ITMO University written by the event’s organizers with the official letterhead and the following details:

  • full name of the student/ITMO sports team or student club;
  • the event’s date;
  • aim of participation;
  • participation conditions.

Within 2 business days (excluding the day of application), you will receive an approval or rejection of your application with the indication of reasons for rejection.

Applications containing the following have priority:

  • an invitation from the event’s organizers;
  • student’s participation in events corresponding to the aims of the competition;
  • federal projects;
  • prior experience of successful participation in events held in Russia;
  • co-funding from another organization or student’s ability to cover their accommodation and/or the participation fee;
  • participation in an event where the event’s organizers cover all expenses, except travel costs.

The documents you will need if your application is approved

You will need to apply for the necessary documents on (Заявки/Applications - Внеучебная деятельность/Extracurricular activities - Оформление документов на поездку/Documents for a trip) within three business days after your application for funding is approved.

NB! At the time of your application, you need to have purchased the tickets for the round trip and booked the accommodation (if included in your application).

Once your application for travel documents is approved, you will be invited to the Student Services Office to sign the budget sheet, the appendix No. 2 to the order, and the letter of assignment. These have to be signed before your departure but no later than five business days after your application has been approved.


Within three days after your return from the trip, you have to:

  • provide the necessary documents confirming your trip (tickets, accommodation documents and receipts) to room 1400 on Lomonosova St. 9;
  • send any other documents to a manager of the Student Services Office (i.e., digital train tickets formed after your journey);
  • once the accounting office signs and processes all the documents, they will issue an expense report. You will be notified about this via email and phone number specified in your application. You will have to sign this document yourself and acquire a signature from your head of department (if you are a member of staff) / your dean (if you are a student). After that, you will need to bring it to room 1400 on Lomonosova St. 9 within five business days after you’ve been notified about the issue of this document;
  • after you submit this document, the funding will be wired to your Bank Saint Petersburg card* within five business days. If you didn’t pay for the expenses yourself or you didn’t do it with your own credit card, please inform the responsible employee of the Student Services Office about this when your travel documents are being issued. Then, you will be provided with a power-of-attorney form.

*If for some reason you don’t have a Bank Saint Petersburg issued card, you will have to apply for it at any office of the bank. After that, you will need to ask for an excerpt about your personal data (personal account number, etc.) and send it to

Reasons why you might be refused funding

If you fail to complete the following obligations, you might be refused funding (even if your application for funding was approved).

Upon your return to St. Petersburg, you need to fill out the travel report according to the template and indicating the following:

  • the results achieved during your participation in the event (i.e., successful presentation, diploma, award, acknowledgement, acquisition of new skills, etc.);
  • photo report from the event (at least 3-5 photos featuring ITMO branding and the event’s participants);
  • links to any online posts mentioning ITMO made by the event’s organizers (if applicable);
  • a link to your own post with the hashtags #itmo and #itmostudents (at least one post).


  • Lomonosova St. 9, room 1400 (main office);
  • Kronverksky Pr. 49, bldg. A, room 355 (coworking space) – document pickup;
  • +7 (812) 607-04-74;
  • Mon-Fri, 9 am - 7 pm.

Additional information about the competition (in Russian).