Module Computer Technologies

Software systems engineering is at the core of many industries. Modern technologies place high demands on the automation of computing and control of management and production. A comprehensive vision and broad expertise in the field of computer technologies will allow students to act as architects of complex software and computer systems, lead project teams, manage divisions of high-tech organizations, or create their own startups. The development of information technologies in the field of cyberphysical systems creates the need for a new approach to cybersecurity: combining aspects of software and hardware applications of information security tools.


Software Methods and Tools (in Russian)

More information you can find here Методы и средства программного обеспечения


Grudina Anna

Kireev Valery

Klimenkov Sergey

Pokid Alexander

Tkeshelashvili Nino

Uskov Ivan

Yarkeev Alexander

Fundamentals of Cyber Security (in Russian)

More information you can find here Основы кибербезопасности


Budko Mikhail

Isaev Alexander

Kuznetsov Alexander

Tkalich Vera

Kanzhelev Yuri

Korzhuk Victoria