Module Photonics

Photonics is a promising trend in global technologies and one of ITMO University’s  priority fields. For many decades, ITMO has been a leader both in Russia and on the international market in the fields of theoretical and applied photonics as well as in related scientific and educational areas, such as the development of optical systems for various purposes, optoelectronics, laser technologies, optoinformatics, hybrid materials, bioengineering, etc. The range of research in the field of photonics is diverse and wide – from the synthesis of nanophotonic structures and the study of quantum phenomena to the development of large-scale astronomical optics equipment, medical equipment, VR/AR systems, high-power laser complexes, optical sensors, quantum technologies, and cryptography, as well as image modeling and recognition. This module is aimed at forming an understanding of the basic laws and phenomena of photonics and their applications. This knowledge is extremely necessary for a specialist of the future in any professional field who wants to understand modern technologies and implement them in the development of innovative solutions.



Laser Technologies (in Russian)

More information you can find here Лазерные технологии


Veiko Vadim

Sinev Dmitry

Lighting Systems (in Russian)

More information you can find here Световые системы

Quantum Technologies (in Russian)

More information you can find here Квантовые технологии

Modeling of Optical Processes (in Russian)

More information you can find here Моделирование оптических процессов


Kislov D.

Gurvits E.

Baryshnikova K.